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Our Story

The RN Network was started by a talent acquisition professional during the recession of 2008. Recruiters and sources were being laid-off as hiring was declining drastically, so Christina Archer decided to initiate the personal project of insulating her career by building a community of nurses to keep her talent pipelines full and empower her to help her clients hire faster and more efficiently. During this time period, LinkedIn Groups were relatively new, so Christina felt it was important to differentiate herself in the market. 

Nearly 15 years later, the RN Network has evolved to a solitary LinkedIn group to 5 branded clinical groups and a membership website for nursing professionals, nurse recruiters and vendors. We've built a site that is focused on positivity and inspirational content for our audience that is authentic.

Whether you opt to enjoy our free content or join us as a premium member, there is something for everyone on the RN Network. 

We're glad you're here!

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