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Nursing Matters - News of the Day

Welcome to The RN Network "Nursing Matters" News of the Day feature. You'll stay on top of all the news, industry trends and latest information impacting the healthcare industry. Have an important news article or featured nursing career opportunity you'd like to share? Click here.

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Inclusion Equals Innovation: How our Diverse Workforce Offers Better Care

The VA knows that inclusion equals innovation. By ensuring that every Veteran receives care that matters to them and their whole health, VA providers and staff get to know each Veteran personally to provide better care tailored to the patient’s health and wellness goals....continue reading.

A Better Way to Pay Rural Hospitals

More than 600 rural hospitals -- nearly 30% of all rural hospitals in the country -- are at risk of closing in the near future, and over 200 of these hospitals are at immediate risk of closure. Millions of people could be directly harmed if these hospitals close, and the rest of the country would....continue reading.

Best‐practices for preventing skin injury beneath personal protective equipment during the COVID‐19 pandemic: A position paper from the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel

COVID-19 has infected millions of patients and impacted healthcare workers worldwide. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a key component of protecting frontline clinicians against infection. The benefits of PPE far outweigh the risks, nonetheless, many clinicians are exhibiting skin injury caused by PPE worn incorrectly. These skin injuries, ranging from lesions to open wounds are concerning because they increase the susceptibility of viral infection and transmission to other individuals.....continue reading.

Nurses Named Most Trusted Profession for 22nd Year in a Row

We’re starting 2023 off on a high note. According to a recent Gallup poll, nursing is the the most trusted profession in America for the 22nd straight year. 79% of those polled said that nurses have the highest ethical standard among all professions, well above the second and third place rankings. The last time nursing…continue reading.

The (Nursing) Student as Storyteller

The written word is posited to be one of the earliest forms of innovation, yet oral and visual storytelling goes back even further. That is because stories connect people across cultures and generations. For nurses to connect with patients, communities, administrators, or policy makers, we need to emphasize storytelling’s importance in healthcare—and innovation—and teach nurses the fundamentals of the art of telling stories earlier in their careers......continue reading.

A dynamic strategic plan for changing times

ANA Enterprise prioritizes advancement of nursing and professional success of nurses

Healthcare and the practice and profession of nursing have changed rapidly in the almost 
3 years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The ANA Enterprise has responded to these fast-moving developments while staying on course to deal with deep-rooted issues such as workplace violence, the nurse staffing shortage, and nurses’ well-being. The 2023-2025 ANA Enterprise strategic plan balances the need to confront today’s pressing challenges while making substantive progress toward longer-term goals.....continue reading.


Nurse Manager - Med Surg, Telemetry, and Ortho

Main Line Health - Riddle Memorial Hospital, Media, Pennsylvania

Benefits Highlights include:

  • Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage

  • Accrue up to 6 weeks of Earned Leave

  • Employer funded pension plan, vested after 5 years

  • Matching 403b Retirement Savings Plan

  • Bonus Eligible

  • Tuition Reimbursement/Student Loan Assistance

  • Paid Parental Leave and Back-Up Childcare

  • Pet Insurance and Discounts

  • Community Service Paid Time Off

  • Free Parking and No City Tax....continue reading.


The Power of Self Awareness and Investing in yourself

You will meet Dr. Cicely Brathwaite who does a phenomenal job at protecting your mental health in this episode. As we live in a world where life gets so busy we forget the most important person (ourselves). Dr. Brathwaite drops Gems on the importance of dealing with the tiny things!!! As well as “Perfection is not required". Listen now.

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